i’m Pavlo Tsiselskyi

Pavlo Tsiselskyi

Insights & Data Analyst

Hello There!

After working in different industries I have realized that any business that we have uses technology and data are essential components that drive humanity to the future. My interests are wide, starting from marketing and sales continues to finances and blockchain technologies. Stepping into any field you can notice that all of them use data to improve their customer service, drive sales, and predict the trends of the future.

Data drive critical decision-making and raises dividends. I have strong analytical skills that began at an early age. I understand the importance of a good decision made based on observations and analyzing the situation.

Phone : + 1 (708)-945-21-96
Email : pavlo.sky@outlook.com
LinkedIn : linkedin.com/in/ptsisels
Address : Chicago, Illinois

  • Data Analyst
  • Developer
  • Researcher


  • 01
    Web Developer

    MV Stellar LLC.

    Utilized JavaScript, Python, HTML5, CSS3, content creation tools, management tools, and digital media to design, build, and maintain web sites.


  • 02
    Amazon FBA Retailer


    Managed the product listings, utilized social media and external sources to build brand awarness and drive sales.


  • 03
    Insights Analyst Intern


    Transformed large, highly complex datasets into actionable insights. Developed and maintained an automated Tableau dashboard to report on bugs, tools performances, volume, and an error rate of queries. Provided actionable insights to decision-makers to influence strategy and performance.



  • 01
    Medical College

    Ukraine, Ternopil

    Attended a college for four years, been an active student, participated in different activities and succesfully completed the course.


  • 02
    Main Academy

    Ukraine, Ternopil

    Completed a one year Web Development Program. Learned Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS. Build three web projects.


  • 03
    Year Up

    United States, Chicago

    Year Up is an intensive career development program with 250 corporate parnetrs, college-level courses, professional training, and a six-month intership.



  • Python
  • SQL
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analysis
  • Microsoft Excel
  • JavaScript
  • Tableau
  • Machine Learning
  • Critical Thinking 89%
  • Time Managment 93%
  • Leadership 70%
  • Communication 95%
  • English 90%
  • Portuguese 75%
  • Russian 100%
  • Ukrainian 100%


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